Veeptopus On The Cover of The Santa Barbara Sentinel

As I write this, Apple is having their annual event in its new gleaming headquarters. The building - which I like to call Steve’s donut - is literally down the street from Veeptopus International. So in the spirit of the new iPhone 8 and Apple Store getting mysteriously dubbed “Town Squares,” I too have something to report.



Veeptopus is having its first-ever book signing this weekend, September 16 from 8 - 11 pm, at The Rondo (202 W. Canon Perdido St.) in Santa Barbara. I love this because Santa Barbara is where I first started to put cephalopods atop elected officials. Having a signing there sort of feels like completing a circle.



So you can imagine how stoked I was to learn that my event ended up on the cover of the Santa Barbara Sentinel. I’m pretty overwhelmed. This is the first time I can get the physical book out in front of people, which is great because people who see the book tend to really like it. It is — if I do say so myself — a very pleasing object to hold and read.

I will also have a handful of posters and T-shirts for sale from the Kickstarter. So if you’re in the area or you’re in LA and looking for an excuse to try some of the fine Santa Ynez wine, stop by and say hi.