The Veeptopus Book is Now On Sale!

That's right! You can now go out and order portraits of all 48 vice presidents with octopuses in one gorgeously bound volume. You can either go to my site or over at Amazon. I can't tell you how excited I am about this.


This book is the result of crazy stunt I did exactly four years ago today. My friend convinced me to participate in the From Dusk til Drawn fundraiser at the Museum for Contemporary Art at Santa Barbara. Basically, it involved drawing for 24 straight hours. At that point in my life – i.e. before children – sleep deprivation was a novelty. It sounded like fun. I was in.

I knew I needed a system. The last thing I wanted was to be struggling for ideas of something to draw at four in the morning. So after some debate, I decided to draw portraits of all 47 vice presidents of the United States. With octopuses on their heads. Still not really sure where the whole idea for octopuses came from.I learned that there was some alchemy that happened when octopus met VP: people liked it. That first gave me the idea to make this book.


It's been a long, winding journey to get the Veeptopus book out into the wide world. There are only a limited supply so act now.