Faces of Trump Now For Sale!

If you read my recent posts, you know that I went on a weird Trump-drawing binge a couple weeks ago.  In fact, I drew about 100 of them. I'm not sure if it was exactly healthy, but it was cathartic.

So for last Saturday's protests, I took nine of my favorite drawings and put them on a poster. It got a great response, so it's now available in my store.


When I posted this online, a couple of my friends told me that I really needed to put this on a t-shirt. So I obliged. You can get one in white or in black.



And, mostly because I could, I also put a Faces of Trump coffee mug in the store too.


And finally, because he is now officially the vice president, sigh, here's my official Veeptopus portrait of Mike Pence. With an octopus in his head.