What you can get with the Veeptopus Kickstarter

I've been working really hard for the past couple of weeks to get the Veeptopus Book Kickstarter off the ground. It's going to launch next Monday, October 3. That's the day before the VP debates.

I'm really excited about this project and I wanted to give you guys a heads up about three things that I will be offering you during the campaign.

First, there's the book:


It will have all 47 former and current vice presidents plus whoever wins the election. And it will have all sorts of facts and stories about each veep.

It will also be beautifully designed and it will be in hard cover. For $35 + postage it can be yours.

Then there's the poster:

That's right! Every single vice president with an octopus on his head on one single poster, printed on thick archival paper.

This is a Kickstarter exclusive. I'm not going to sell this on my Etsy site or anywhere else. Get this plus the book for $65 + postage.

An original portrait of you with an octopus on your head:

Sure, you might not get elected vice president, but you can at least look like you have.

For $300 + postage, you will not only get the book, the poster and a shout out in the book's thank you page, but you'll also get a portrait drawn by me of you or that special someone bedecked with a cephalopod. It makes for a great conversation piece and will no doubt be cherished by your grandchildren.

And there will be even more cool stuff available.

So check out the site on October 3 and watch your mail next Monday for the link to the Veeptopus Kickstarter.