We Are Funded! Now Help Us Meet Our Stretch Goals!

My $9,500 goal was the price for a quality hard cover book, but without a lot of frills. You know, those the cool little features that can turn a book into a work of art onto itself. Little touches that just make you want to show it to everyone.

For $12,500, I'll be able to make the book I really want to make. Instead of a standard smooth matte finish, the book cover can now have a cloth-like texture along with an Veep-related image embossed into the cover. Instead of the inner cover being a standard white, we can add a cool tentacle-themed pattern. It will be an amazing, elegant book.

Call it Veeptopus Deluxe.

If we unlock this $12,500 stretch goal, then EVERYONE getting the physical book will get this new fancy version.

But wait, there's more!


By popular demand, I'm adding a T-shirt! Get a load of this:

Imagine showing up to your favorite gastro-pub or job interview in this! Click here and contribute $25 + postage or more and it can be yours.Also for $25 + postage, I'm offering a stand along poster option. Imagine this gracing your cubicle, classroom or study.
Please, help us unlock our $12,500 stretch goal!