Veeptopus Presidents Day Sale - Save 20%

Today is Presidents Day.  So while you’re thinking about the sage wisdom and great sacrifice of some of our greatest Commanders-in-Chief, perhaps you could also spare a thought for some of our more forgotten vice presidents, men (and yes, they were all men) who came close to the mantle of power but who would remain forever obscure. Men like William R. King.

He died a mere six weeks into his term from Tuberculosis. He was so sick that he couldn’t make it to Washington for the inauguration. Instead, he was sworn in in Cuba, where he was convalescing.

Men like Henry Wilson, who while serving as Ulysses S. Grant’s veep, suffered a fatal stroke while in a bathtub in the basement of the Capitol. Yes, there used to be bathtubs in the Capitol.

And men like William A. Wheeler, who was so colorless and taciturn that his own running mate, Rutherford B. Hayes, had no idea who he was until he was placed on the presidential ticket.

In honor of these obscure leaders, these historical bronze metal winners, I am throwing the first ever Veeptopus sale.

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