CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Holiday-Themed Veeptopus Now Available!

 It's the holiday season.  And whether or not you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Festivus, you know that it's time of the year where are you socially obliged to start buying things for people. So whether or not your shopping for a loved one, a colleague at work you vaguely resent or your postman who reeked of marijuana, think about the gift of totally strange art. Think Veeptopus.

And to help you get into that holiday frame of mind, we here at Veeptopus international have painstakingly crafted some Christmas themed prints. And they are available only for a limited time.

What says Christmas better than a bevy of murderous badgers? Nothing. Literally. No thing. 

St. Nick bedecked with an octopus? Sure. Why not? These are troubling times. Hollywood is making movies about board games these days. Board games. So why not celebrate that fact with this image of a beloved childhood symbol bedecked with a cephalopod? Should we call him Santa Cthulhu now? Or is this how St. Nick gets his jollies? You be the judge.

Three Santas are staring you down. They are very, very disappointed in you. You know what you did. And so do they. You are totally getting some coal in your stocking.

Three prints that will not only spread holiday cheer but are guaranteed to drive your neighbors into a jealous froth.* Get them now because when 2015 rolls around, they will be gone.

* This is not a legally binding guarantee.