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The American vice presidency, a job disdained as "the most insignificant office" by its first occupant, has never been a station to be clamored for, even by the 48 sad sacks who have ended up there. The common octopus, meanwhile, is nimble, intelligent and in full control of an array of fine motor skills - more than could be said of many of the United States' second-in-commands. In a long-overdue act of biological symbiosis, artist and writer JONATHAN CROW has brought these two offbeat specimens together in VEEPTOPUS, a series of exquisite portraits that evoke the strange majesty of the animal kingdom and the boundless folly of human endeavor. Buy it for your second spouse. Your second-best friend. Or whoever in your life best exemplifies the concept of "No. 2." Notable veep Lyndon Johnson, who often conducted meetings while on the toilet, wouldn't have it any other way.