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“Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia is another 2016 holdover who finds himself running again in 2018, and, like for Mr. Cruz, many of the items dedicated to him date to that election.

Jonathan Crow, a programmer in Silicon Valley, started drawing all the vice presidents with octopuses on their heads when he was laid off in 2013. He thought the goofiness of the animal was a good match for the goofiness of the role, which he described as “the ultimate dead-end job.”

Expecting that Mrs. Clinton would win the presidency, Mr. Crow planned to release this portrait of her running mate on election night. Of course, it was not to be. Still, Mr. Crow said, he has sold 11 of the prints since, to “people who wanted to live in an alternate universe where he became vice president.” - The New York Times

Veeptopus on the cover of the Santa Barbara Sentinel, September 2017

Veeptopus on the cover of the Santa Barbara Sentinel, September 2017


"You know what would've made [the Vice Presidential debates] better? Octopuses on the candidates' heads." - C/Net

"Every U.S. Vice President with an Octopus on His Head: Kickstart The Veeptopus Book" - Open Culture

"Bless you, Jonathan, for giving us the gift of Veeptopus." - Buzzfeed

Jonathan Crow, Artist, Writer, Filmmaker, Teacher, Coffee Enthusiast, Dad, Creator of "Veeptopus" - Huffington Post

"I would submit that Veeptopus portraits, high-quality prints of which you can buy at the Veeptopus store, will prove more memorable. I bought three last holiday season — but so far have kept them for myself. You never know when you might need a spare vice president with an octopus on his head."- Boingboing

"If you noticed something just a little bit off about the vice presidents in the collection, Veeptopus, it's not because there's anything wrong with your vision. Something is, indeed, a little off. In case you weren't able to figure out just why these portraits seem weird, allow me to articulate: whereas most vice presidential portraits don't feature surplus octopi on top of heads, these do. Take a moment to sort out the remnants of your blown mind."- Fast Company

"Why did artist Jonathan Crow decide to top the head of each US vice president with a watercolor cephalopod? Because it's funny." - i09 

Octo-Blog Of The Day - Andrew Sullivan's The Dish

"A tentacular portrait series" - Laughing Squid

"Five Things You Had to See Online This Week" (Feb. 18, 2014) - Studio 360

"Remember how you wanted to see every U.S. vice president with an octopus on his head?" - Chris Cillizza

"Portraits of Vice Presidents with Octopuses on Their Heads — the Ones You’ve Always Wanted To See" - Open Culture

"If you haven’t seen these works, let’s just say you’ll learn a little bit of American history and you’ll learn a little bit of marine biology along the way, and when was the last time you could say that?" - The Funkzone Podcast

"My response to his Veeptopus series, which I glimpsed by chance in my Facebook feed, was to laugh out loud." - Workstew

"Jonathan Crow decided to embark on a project illustrating all 47 of our vice presidents. But they needed a little something. An octopus hat, perhaps? And now, thank goodness, we have the Veeptopus. (More on his website. If you can’t choose one, you can buy them all! And celebrate Cephalopod Awareness Week in style.)" - Katherine Harmon Courage, auther of OCTOPUS!

Silicon Valley Metro , October 25-31, 2017

Silicon Valley Metro, October 25-31, 2017