Hey Look! I made a Veeptopus commercial!

I made this quick 9-second long video for the Veeptopus book, which, if I didn't tell you yet, is available now on Amazon! I'm pretty happy with both the book and the commercial. Check the vid out below.

The Veeptopus Book is Now On Sale!

That's right! You can now go out and order portraits of all 48 vice presidents with octopuses in one gorgeously bound volume. You can either go to my site or over at Amazon. I can't tell you how excited I am about this.


This book is the result of crazy stunt I did exactly four years ago today. My friend convinced me to participate in the From Dusk til Drawn fundraiser at the Museum for Contemporary Art at Santa Barbara. Basically, it involved drawing for 24 straight hours. At that point in my life – i.e. before children – sleep deprivation was a novelty. It sounded like fun. I was in.

I knew I needed a system. The last thing I wanted was to be struggling for ideas of something to draw at four in the morning. So after some debate, I decided to draw portraits of all 47 vice presidents of the United States. With octopuses on their heads. Still not really sure where the whole idea for octopuses came from.I learned that there was some alchemy that happened when octopus met VP: people liked it. That first gave me the idea to make this book.


It's been a long, winding journey to get the Veeptopus book out into the wide world. There are only a limited supply so act now.


I Can't Stop Drawing Pictures of Terrible People

So when I started getting serious about art, I wanted to make art about America's proud and complex history. I wanted to explore parts of our national character that have been obscured either through neglect (like 19th-century vice presidents) or through a more conscious forgetting. Telling the truth is one of the most important responsibilities of an artist. 

But since the election, that responsibility has been weighing on me. We have a president who, along with his mendacious minions, spouts utter lies every goddamned day. The political implications are, if you read history, terrifying. So I've been drawing work that clear and unsubtle. 

Betty DeVos is a terrible person.

Betty DeVos is a terrible person.

Though I'm looking forward to a time when I can go back to draw pictures about William Taft and badgers, recent events make this series seem much more urgent. I'm going to be starting something else, something bigger in the near future.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a picture of Steve Bannon in a bathrobe. 

Liquor makes the pain go away.

Liquor makes the pain go away.

Faces of Trump Now For Sale!

If you read my recent posts, you know that I went on a weird Trump-drawing binge a couple weeks ago.  In fact, I drew about 100 of them. I'm not sure if it was exactly healthy, but it was cathartic.

So for last Saturday's protests, I took nine of my favorite drawings and put them on a poster. It got a great response, so it's now available in my store.


When I posted this online, a couple of my friends told me that I really needed to put this on a t-shirt. So I obliged. You can get one in white or in black.



And, mostly because I could, I also put a Faces of Trump coffee mug in the store too.


And finally, because he is now officially the vice president, sigh, here's my official Veeptopus portrait of Mike Pence. With an octopus in his head.

Faces of Trump - Or How I'm dealing with the Inauguration of Donald Trump.

People deal with bad news in different ways. Some people use alcohol to numb the pain. Some wall themselves off from the outside world. And some stare into the abyss. I did all three in various forms over the past couple of months. The bad news, of course, is the election of Donald Trump - a man who seems an unholy mix of Bond villain, abusive stepdad, and enraged toddler. 

Lately, I've been compulsively drawing portraits of the man. Like I'm up to somewhere around 100 or so pictures. It's a weird coping mechanicism, I suppose.


So I decided to make a poster out of it. I'll be carrying this at this Saturday's protests. 


We Are Funded! Now Help Us Meet Our Stretch Goals!

My $9,500 goal was the price for a quality hard cover book, but without a lot of frills. You know, those the cool little features that can turn a book into a work of art onto itself. Little touches that just make you want to show it to everyone.

For $12,500, I'll be able to make the book I really want to make. Instead of a standard smooth matte finish, the book cover can now have a cloth-like texture along with an Veep-related image embossed into the cover. Instead of the inner cover being a standard white, we can add a cool tentacle-themed pattern. It will be an amazing, elegant book.

Call it Veeptopus Deluxe.

If we unlock this $12,500 stretch goal, then EVERYONE getting the physical book will get this new fancy version.

But wait, there's more!


By popular demand, I'm adding a T-shirt! Get a load of this:

Imagine showing up to your favorite gastro-pub or job interview in this! Click here and contribute $25 + postage or more and it can be yours.Also for $25 + postage, I'm offering a stand along poster option. Imagine this gracing your cubicle, classroom or study.
Please, help us unlock our $12,500 stretch goal!